Nugenix Reviews – Is Total T Really Worth Your Money?

Nugenix Total T is the natural formula which supports the testosterone level in men and improvements in their libido.

This supplement has made itself distinguished in the list of testosterone boosters which works quickly in men with andropause.

Nugenix Reviews
Nugenix Testosterone Booster

The price  is higher than most testosterone enhancers and its approval from the FDA is still dubious. Customers are mildly happy with the results.

Testosterone Boosters and Andropause

Andropause is a male condition where the level of significant hormones drops drastically.

This can lead to so many situations such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, lack of muscle mass, etc.

The testosterone boosting supplements are designed to raise the level of testosterone, particularly which gives men the last hope.

Andropause mainly occurs after the age of 30 but this doesn’t mean it can be taken too lightly.

For men, testosterone is an important hormone that requires a gentle push in the form of natural ingredients.

The reasons for testosterone deficiency in males are:

  • Excessive alcoholism
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Long term dieting
  • Stress

Nugenix Total T Reviews – The Good and Bad

Nugenix is the herbal supplement which combines the power of testosterone enhancing ingredients extracted from the plant’s source.

This product helps to boost free testosterone in your body that modifies your body shape, revitalize your sex life and maintain the healthy body systems.

Nugenix was primarily marketed as a libido booster for males who have testosterone deficiency.

In the fitness world, there are not so many good reviews about Nugenix may be because the dosage of each ingredient isn’t sufficient.

With free testosterone rushing in your body, you will get plenty full of energy and can also experience the anti-aging effects.

How Nugenix Total T Works?
Nugenix Reviews

The method of Nugenix Total T is like most of the testosterone boosters in market.

It turns out the ingredients increase the free testosterone by activating the pituitary gland.

The further mechanism is then carried to the male testes where the actual production of testosterone begins.

Bound and unbound (free) testosterone poses threats and benefits to our body.

The bound testosterone is more likely to be converted by the body mechanism into estrogen, which is an unfavorable condition for men.

Nugenix makes sure that none of the testosterone cells are converted to estrogen and thereby it generates energy in your muscles and stamina in everything you perform bodily.

What Are Nugenix Ingredients?

This is where many testosterone boosters lack, the idea of making an ideal testosterone supplement is by providing the exact type and dosage of ingredients.

Nugenix ingredients
Nugenix Ingredients and Dosage

In Nugenix you can find the ingredients that you might have seen in top-ranked testosterone supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a widely used plant to increase testosterone and sex drive in men.

In studies, it also holds the ability to increase the performance of males during any athletic activity.

The blend is combined with Testofen a.k.a standardized fenuside that boost testosterone and urge for sex in men rapidly.

Fenugreek Extract

One of the proven health benefits of Fenugreek Extract is libido enhancing and anti-diabetic effects.

Regular use of fenugreek extracts benefits male virility in so many ways.

L-Citrulline Malate

This ingredient particularly delivers a remarkable blood flow across the body.

In fitness when this blood supply is enhanced each of your muscle tissues will get more than just nutrition which keeps them stronger and battle ready.

In sex, larger blood supply means bigger and longer erection plus an extra amount of performance that she has been waiting for.

Vitamin B6 and B12

Proving only the dose of testosterone can be harmful to your brain functions.

Your body needs more of the essential nutrients that keep you sane and elated when it comes to the mood.

These two types of vitamin help in the secretion of Serotonin, a hormone that is responsible for happiness in men and women.

It helps you calm down the rage caused by the excessive workout, vitamin B12 is known to prevent the damage to the DNA.

Who Can Benefit From Total T?

It looks like every perk that Nugenix provides involves the sexual aspect of men.

Usually, the testosterone boosters or should we say “Best Testosterone Boosters” works by increasing your physical performance and in addition the sex elevating effect is complimentary.

About every testosterone booster available as a dietary supplement affects the libido and male vitality to which this product is not the special case.

It is however designed to make your mind for intense and regular sex. It is beneficial for males who are above 30 and having andropause issue.

Without testosterone men who are above 30 finds it hard to work longer in office and in bed with their partners, which raise so many negative issues in their personal and professional life.

Nugenix Dose – How to Take this booster?

The daily recommended dose for Nugenix is 3 capsules a day in which the user should take in the morning.

Anyone who is taking Nugenix for libido enhancing purpose must take it in the morning while men who are engaged in any form of workout, taking the pills 30 minutes before a workout is advised.

You can also increase the dosage to 4-5 capsules for more intense effects, but your bottle will empty sooner.

The increasing dosage is for males who are dedicated to producing a lean mass in their body without any fat sign.

Nugenix Customer Reviews

Nugenix Reviews by many individuals shows us that this supplement is indeed designed for improving libido.
Nugenix Testimonials

It has nothing to do with the muscle building process which most men take these boosters for.

Nugenix scored 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, GNC, and various health websites across the internet.

Some of the key customer reviews about Nugenix we found are:

Boosted energy and libido when I am in bed ready to have sex. But this supplement gives a massive headache if you exceed the regular dose which is 3 capsules a day.



Been taking it for over a month, useless scam! Wouldn’t recommend due to the following reasons.

It is slow acting, less efficient and I am not happy with the ingredients.

Brian Dunch

Nugenix Side Effects

Normally, the natural testosterone boosters are devoid of major side effects that separates them from the anabolic steroids.

The use of natural T-Boosters are very normal these days since the customer’s trust is built over natural alternatives.

When it comes to Nugenix Total T, it is not safer because the FDA list of harmful and risky products have a name of Nugenix in it.

We are talking about how this supplement can pose risks to the hypertensive and old aged patients who have a history of stroke.

Nevertheless, this dietary supplement is known to cause side effects when the daily dose is exceeded to 5 CAPSULES DAILY.

  • Sleep issues
  • Liver toxicity
  • Interacts with other drugs such as Warfarin


  • Can improve men’s overall health
  • Gets you high libido
  • Induce stronger erection
  • Boost virility
  • Available at many stores
  • Provides refund


  • Not suitable for Bodybuilding
  • Effects vary from person to person
  • Expensive price
  • Not FDA approved
  • Shipping charges may apply
  • Not clinically tested

Where to Buy Nugenix Total T Online?

Nugenix online website has more than just 1 dietary supplement for a testosterone boost.

They have multiple products for men’s health each of which designed with approximately the same formula but with slight modification in dosages.

Nugenix GNC or Nugenix Amazon?

Both physical and online stores contain Nugenix supplement but if you are ready to buy Nugenix then finding it from the official website would be a lot easier and authentic.

The Best Nugenix Testosterone Booster Alternative

There are more than just one supplement that works for bodybuilding as well as male libido.

And yes, they are extremely effective in terms of results and safety.

One of the best testosterone booster created was from Crazy Bulk which still goes by the name Testo-Max.

Testo Max – Effective Alternative?

Testo-Max was initially marketed as the legal alternative of Sustanon, anabolic steroid so powerful that it can give massive results within days. But as stronger the steroids are, their side effects are much more dangerous.

TestoMax Results
Testomax Testosterone Booster

Testo-Max was one of its kinds that was designed after combining the natural extracts from various sources.

Unlike Nugenix Total T, Testo-Max contains a whopping number of ingredients and every ingredient somehow stimulates testosterone in your body.

The idea for Testo-Max was to reshape the male physique by boosting testosterone significantly.

Final Verdict – Is Nugenix Total T Worth The Price?

With this much price range and slow effects, there is no need to buy Nugenix, especially when more effective and safe supplements are available already.

Nugenix Total T works for a single dimension which is to create sexual feelings by interfering male libido.

Purchase Testo-Max online
Buy TestoMax

The real purpose of testosterone is mainly building lean muscle mass and fat burn, which in addition elevates the male libido.

About every dietary supplement, even Testo-Max can do that for you in a way affordable price.

Comparing the efficacy and legitimacy of Nugenix and Testo-Max we concluded Testo-Max as more effective in terms of a holistic approach for men.