RAD 140 Review – Testolone Sarm (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator)

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RAD 140 or Testolone is the very well-known SARM which is currently being used for bodybuilding around the world.

It has some side effects which makes it a less safe option, on the other hand, Testo-Max is the replacement tool for Testolone as legal steroids are taking over.

What Is RAD 140?


rad140 Testolone

RAD 140 is a sort of chemical name for Testolone which is the most potent SARM in the bodybuilding arena.

SARM’s selectively binds with the androgen receptors without altering other biological processes in the human body.

SARM’s like Testolone often causes minimal side effects, but yield greater results.

Unlike the anabolic steroids and prohormones, SARM’s works differently and stay in the safe zone.

You won’t be experiencing the nasty side effects with the use of SARM’s, this has been proven by athletes and bodybuilders around the world.

How to Take Testolone?

RAD140 dosage is very crucial to find because this is not which stays the same in many conditions.

The dosage of RAD140 changes with time and it also varies in different individuals, depending on their level of expertise and BMI.

At a very low dosage, Testolone offers effects like Anabolic steroids if you choose to consume 20mg a day.

The normal dose is, however, 20-30 mg once daily.

RAD140 Cycle

The perfect cycle shouldn’t be more than 10 weeks, on higher dosage user can feel the testosterone suppression which is very likely in this case.

Stacking up RAD140 with MK-677 or LGD-4033 is beneficial as it exacerbates the synergistic effects.


rad140 results

The half-life of Testolone is 16-20 hours, the more half-life of a drug the less you are to take it.

This is why taking Testolone once daily is very sufficient.

What Results You Can Expect from RAD140?

After taking notes from sundry bodybuilders and athletes, we could say there is a charm in using Testolone for muscle building.

Amongst all the effective SARMs, RAD140 is mostly being used for lean muscle mass and strength.

These 2 things can comprise an ideal male physique with the true amount of power in each muscle tissue.

The first result of Testolone can be noticed after 2-3 weeks, especially if you have executed a tough workout plan for yourself.

Effects such as increased muscle size with a heap of strength first kick in, then around at the end of 7 or 8th week you will gain a noticeable amount of muscle mass which can be 10-15 pounds.

Here we are talking about lean muscle mass that is without fats.

For a complete body transformation, RAD140 is the best option if you are switching to the SARM’s.

RAD140 Side Effects

Much of the clinical facts provide about Testolone side effects are very well observed in a trial session.

As the normal use of steroids, which exacerbate the side effects like gynecomastia, acne, and hypertension, there are no side effects from the use of RAD140 noticed in any user.

Yes, as the androgen compounds bring a slight change in your body so this change may bring some effects like headache, hair fall which won’t be here for too long.

Now, one of the side effect that most SARM’s causes are the suppression of natural testosterone in males which can be treated by using stack supplements.

Out of 100, 90 users confirmed that you need PCT after performing a whole 10 weeks Testolone cycle.

How RAD 140 Works?

RAD140 mechanism of action is basically binding to the androgen receptor, this receptor activates the channel for protein and testosterone synthesis, which in turn makes a great deal of muscle mass on your body.


best sarms supplements

The composition of RAD140 is very different from steroid hormone like testosterone, which is easily converted into estrogen.

The conversion of testosterone into estrogen is the major cause of gynecomastia which develops man boobs on male’s chest.

In the study done on mice, the RAD140 shown remarkable improvement in repairing the damaged brain cells, its mechanism of neuron protection is brought up by MAPK pathway which protects the cells from external damage and free radicals.

RAD140 Medical Uses

There are certain potential uses of RAD140 which many people are unaware of. One of them is increased muscle mass which seemed to captivate the bodybuilders.

Testolone, in a nutshell, is able to.

  • Produce Dense Muscle Mass

Without the unwanted effects of normal steroids, SARM’s like RAD140 increases muscle building effects and speed up the rate of protein synthesis. It is found that just 28 days of Testolone use, you can get lean muscle mass.

  • Breast Cancer

 RAD140 is a potential benefit in treating breast cancer, SARM’s like RAD140 have cancer-fighting potentials which inhibit the formation of breast cancer called Androgen and Estrogen Receptor Positive. Moreover, it stops the generation of ESR1 gee which creates estrogen at a much higher rate.

  • Cognitive Effects

RAD140 improves the ability of brain cells and it decreases the level of Amyloid Beta accumulation which is thought to be the main cause of Alzheimer disease. There are certain forms of neurotoxins against which Testolone plays a battling role. The testosterone mimicking the effect of RAD140 sometimes shown improvements in stamina when it comes to sexual intercourse, reported by men.

  • Fat Loss

Losing fat while preserving lean muscle mass is one of RAD 140 promising effects. It is not fully studied that Testolone increases the process of fat loss, however, users experienced their cholesterol level has reduced substantially.

RAD140 User Reviews and Results

There are customer reviews available about Testolone who endorsed the overall effects this SARM provides.


For bodybuilders, there are exceptional kind of results waiting ahead such as a beast like endurance level, enhanced stamina during exercise which totally paid off their hardships.

According to the majority of users, post cycle therapy after RAD140 cycle is mandatory as it reduces the testosterone level big time.

Legal Alternative of RAD 140

Speaking of natural bodybuilding supplements?

Looks like you are at the right place. We cannot negate the fact that SARM’s are highly potential as well as tricky but in order to get the perfect body, you shouldn’t put your life into this much risk.

Testosterone mimicking steroids like Testosterone Enanthate or Decanoate are widely dangerous and they are almost banned in many countries of the world.

Whereas, Testo Max, a giant creation of Crazy Bulk claims to be the legal alternative of anabolic steroids, which means it can totally replace SARM’s and even Prohormones.

We will talk about Testo Max ingredients below, any user who knows about the natural ways to elevate Testosterone must concur with the fact that they are equally effective, although requires slightly more time.

Testo Max Vs Testolone – Which One is Better?

There is no comparison of SARM with legal steroids, but when you see it from the safety context, you may find there are thousands of bodybuilders who have been on natural supplements for years and they couldn’t be much happier.

Whereas, Testolone comes with huge benefits and almost instant results, except it can cause total suppression of natural testosterone in the male body which is nearly a havoc for mental, physical, sexual and psychological aspects.

Where to Buy RAD140?

There are many cool sources to buy RAD140 from but you should trust the one source that supplies the real products.

You cannot mess with these compounds as they can be extremely dangerous if used without legit instructions.

The best way to buy SARM RAD 140 is from Infinity Labs.

Final Verdict

Testolone a.k.a RAD 140 could be the future of muscle building, but they are being sold as research chemicals to which no legitimate studies are given.

Purchase Testo-Max online

Buy TestoMax

Moreover, the testosterone shutdown is one of the nightmares from RAD140 that man after experiencing lost their interests in sex.

Natural or legal steroids like Testo Max can deliver almost the same outcomes, but you won’t be having any form of nasty side effects.

The selective androgen receptor modulators like Testolone also required post cycle therapy, which in other words is the use of more chemicals.


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