Test X180 Ignite Reviews : Is This Really Worth Your Money?

Testosterone level must be preserved by men before reaching the age of 30.

Men after certain age develop a system where their level of testosterone drops quite sooner than normal.

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what is test x180

This could pose dangers to their lives which sometimes comes with a lack of mental and physical energy.

Everything that we do these days is either physical or mental which can be further easier if our hormonal system is well maintained.

Testosterone deficiency not only affects men psychologically and physically, but you are more likely to become sexually disoriented with less amount of libido.

Today we are going to provide a review about Test X180 Ignite which was introduced as the testosterone booster.

Later on, many users found themselves losing fat, which was their favorite part after which this supplement is counted under the best fat burner.

What Is Test X180 Ignite?

Force Factor Test X180 is a natural formula to raise testosterone level in men.

The supplement is not just a training booster, but it abolishes the stubborn fats in men’s body quite effectively.

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Force Factor introduced TestoFen in their formula which is basically a combination of Fenugreek Extract with other natural herbs.

Test X-180 provides you a sufficient dose of energy which is just enough to obliterate fat and helps you gain enough muscle mass following any cycle.

It is the only testosterone booster in the market with thermogenic and appetite suppressing ingredients in the formula.

Who Makes Test X-180?

This is the product of Force Factor, which has become a top selling brand at GNC.

It is the nutrition brand selling worldwide, which sells mostly performance enhancement supplement to men and women.

Force Factor reviews is trusted by millions of users worldwide, because of their clinically studied formula bodybuilders and athletes of every age group are the prime target.

Force Factor deals with the following categories of supplements.

  • Pre, Post and Intra-Workout Formula
  • Weight Loss Supplements
  • Supplements for Brain Health
  • Male Vitality Supplements like Testosterone Boosters

How It Works?

It is not like Pro Test X180 only works for testosterone elevation, but there are more than just one process.

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Test X-180 supports the production of testosterone but along with this, it has a specific fat incineration complex, which contains ingredients that stimulate thermogenesis and appetite suppression.

Normally, diet pills reduce weight by reducing appetite.

With this you can achieve a sufficient amount of testosterone and weight loss at the same time.

Testosterone also supports fat burning process which intensifies your exercise regimen and everything you do during the day.

To know more about how it works, we must look at the chief ingredients.

Test X180 Ingredients

The ingredients of Test X180 Ignite are divided into 2 classes.

One that improves male enhancement features and testosterone, the other look after the fat loss.

test x180 ignite
Test x180 Testosterone Booster

In each serving, the number of ingredients is 400 mg in the mixture.

Let’s look at what each class of ingredients works like!

Manliness Ignition Matrix

You can find the following ingredients in this combination.

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Avena Sativa

These ingredients help in designing the masculine features which involve overzealous libido, the formation of muscle mass and heightened sexual performance.

Some of the ingredients are responsible for increasing the blood supply which further increases sex drive and provides various nutrients to the muscle tissues.

These ingredients are also scientifically proven to improve mental performance and helps you get the grasp on the maximum confident gain.

Fat Incineration Complex

This includes fat burning ingredients, which are:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • White Tea Extract

The ingredients mentioned above are the excellent thermogenic agent, appetite suppressor, and CNS stimulants.

All together they make sure your body metabolism is to go that burns the fat 24 hours a day.

Thermogenesis induces an immense heat signature in your body, which allows you to perform physical exercise quite easily.

Also, they make sure with the male enhancement ingredients that you get proper endurance level, energy and stamina.

What Do Consumers Have to Say About the Results?


The rating of Test X-180 is more than just great in GNC, Amazon and other health pages.

Force Factor holds an A rating in the supplements market with about 96% consumer satisfaction ratio.

The trial program, however, doesn’t seem to work with most customers who didn’t purchase after trying the product.

Test X-180 was tested by thousands of customers and the results they experienced were:

  • Elevated sex drive
  • Profound sexual intimacy
  • The heap of muscle mass generation around the shoulder and chest
  • Weight loss
  • Bigger and Stronger Erections

In males, Test X-180 delivers the outcomes which they never had before.

This would work even better if you haven’t tried any testosterone booster or steroids.

The problem with testosterone boosters like Test X180 is the slow onset of action.

The formula is natural which takes a little bit of time to get developed in your system but after that, users find it effective in terms of doing efficient workouts at the gym and doing hardcore sexual intercourse.

How to Use Test X-180?

The daily dosage of Test X-180 is 4 capsules a day, which would be taken according to the day of the workout and rest.

On Workout Days, take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 before half an hour starting exercise.

On Rest Days, take 2 capsules with breakfast and capsules with lunch.

There is no hard and fast rule taking Test X180 with a specific sort of solvent. A glass of plain water will be just fine.

Test X-180 Warnings

  • Do not take this supplement before sleep, the caffeine content can cause disturbances in sleep.
  • If you have normally high blood pressure, ask your medical doctor for permission before using Test X180.
  • Limit the use of caffeine-containing beverages

Test X-180 Side Effects

We are going, to be honest here, although the formula of Test X-180 is natural but some of the users complained about the mild to moderate side effects which disappear over time.

They mainly complained about dizziness, irritable behavior and aggression after hours of taking the supplement.

Sources like Amazon and GNC do not concur with this fact as there are only a few numbers of complaints submitted.

Where I Can Purchase Test X-180?

This is the formality to purchase legal supplements like Test X-180 from the official website from Amazon and GNC are selling the same product with excellent ratings.

However, the user can save their money if they choose to purchase Test X180 from the official website.

The official website of Force Factor provides massive discounts to their customers, especially those who are buying from them for the first time.

Is Test X-180 Effective?

Force Factor claims that Test X-180 is backed up by smart science, which is basically the combination of male enhancement and fat burning ingredients in one capsule.

There is no doubt on the efficacy of Test X-180 that really gets you at the heights of bodybuilding if you choose to consume it with a proper diet and workout plan.

Sitting your bums down and just taking Test X180 won’t deliver the desired results.

Even the use of anabolic steroids demands regular workout so why not the natural testosterone booster without the side effects?

Final Thoughts – Should You Try It?

If you are tired of your excess weight and experiencing hard times having sex, then using Testosterone Booster can be a good choice.

But as you are buying Testosterone booster why not trying something that has already generated enough positive reviews?

test x180 ignite
Pro Test x180 Testosterone Booster

Test X180 is the male enhancement supplement and diet pills at the same time, the dual acting formula has captured the attention of so many athletes around the world who wants a slimmer, healthier, energetic and sexually powered body.

There are reasons why should you buy Test X180:

  • It is designed to boost testosterone and weight loss
  • FDA Approved
  • Suitable with men of every age group
  • Ignites the true sexual power
  • Increase muscle size and strength


Q1: What is the price of Test X180?

A: The official price for one bottle of Test X-180 is $59.99.

Q2: How many capsules do a single bottle of Test X-180 contain?

A: Each bottle contains 120 capsules, which according to the company is 60 serving sizes.

Q3: Is it really FDA approved?

A: The important thing is to know whether it has the right type of ingredients which are scientifically approved. The answer to which is “Yes”! Force Factor supplements are FDA approved.

Q4: Is Test X180 Ignite available in GNC?

A: Yes, the supplement is available at GNC at a fixed price rate. Note, you are not going to get discounts by purchasing Test X180 from GNC, Amazon, and sources other than official page.