7 Easy Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally [Latest Tips 2024]

Testosterone is the primary male hormone that is responsible for almost every physical and mental execution.

After reaching their 30’s, men experience a marked drop in testosterone levels which is quite an unfavorable condition.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally – 7 Tips!

This may cause a lack of mental and physical performance, lack of sexual desire and in many cases infertility.

As you age, the level of testosterone becomes low as a result, you gain weight too, which cannot be reversible at times

While there are methods like Testosterone Replacement Therapy and other chemical inducing methods, we prefer the natural ways to boost testosterone which we have gathered recently.

In our preference, boosting testosterone naturally in men is an 7 step process that is free from adverse reactions or side effects.

According to WHO guidelines, maintaining the level of testosterone is not done by the invasive methods but simply modifying the lifestyle.


1) Eat a Balanced Diet

balanced diet for testosterone

Eating a diet with trans fats decrease the level of testosterone by increasing your total body weight.

This is a study that states that low testosterone can make you gain weight, as a result, the inflammatory processes can occur too often which also impacts the brain functions.

Keep off the overeating habits and diet, which are rich with carbohydrates.

Providing your body essential nutrients should be your priority which comes from fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and food that increases testosterone naturally.

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2) Taking Proper Sleep

Does lack sleep lower testosterone levels? Yes, it does!

Sleep time is the only phase where your body is producing heaps of testosterone and human growth hormones, required for framing physical structure and bone veracity.

The University of Chicago has concluded the fact that men who do not get enough sleep have low t-level.

Try this, if you have been taking too little sleep and you start sleeping 8 hours a week, the level of testosterone can rise to 15%.

Sleep deficit puts a burden on your head and it’s not good for a child’s growth who is on a growing stage.

3) Weight Loss

Weight gain is a common inhibitor of testosterone secretion in the human body. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology in its study about the link between weight gain testosterone stated that

“Obese males between the ages of 14-20 have 50% less testosterone than males who are not overweight”.

Losing weight can be problematic but you need to do a physical workout 30 times a day and revive your testosterone receptors.

4) Reduce Stress

reduce stress for testosterone

In some men, the lack of testosterone and libido is caused by taking too much stress, which limits their physical and mental capabilities.

This also delays the immune system and metabolism response as a result of Cortisol secretion.

Cortisol runs the opposite side direction to testosterone and has plenty of negative effects on it.

There is a sundry amount of studies done to find the relation between stress and testosterone.

One of them gathered saliva samples from the male and female students before they were appearing for an exam. It turned out both of the genders have relatively low t-levels than its found usually.

5) Say No to Drugs and Alcohol

Alcoholism is related to testosterone deficiency, the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that alcohol consumption can weaken the glands and hormones which are associated with testosterone support.

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Certain drugs can cause cellular damage which leads to hormonal fluctuations.

6) Physical Exercise

Physical activity is important if you want to stay active and fit because it releases testosterone in your blood as your workout.

It is not an excessive amount of exercise we are talking about which then again has negative effects on t-level.

Take proper nutrition if you are a regular gym customer, running is a good exercise to keep you fit and slim.

7) Nutrition and Supplements

Testosterone supplements

Now that we are talking about nutrition to boost testosterone naturally, we will remind that Vitamin D is the most important supplement for boosting testosterone naturally.

  • Vitamin D is simply obtained from the sunlight if you stay 15 minutes in it. Food which contains vitamin D is fish, eggs, salmon, fortified cereal and milk product.
  • DHEA is also one of great hormone which manages testosterone level as you age, this hormone begins to drop as you reach 35, intake of DHEA supplements could also be potentially beneficial if you make it a regular change.
  • Diets with good cholesterol such as flax seeds or cod liver oil can overcome testosterone deficiency.
  • Magnesium is another trace element that is known to find in testosterone synthesis. Diets with magnesium and zinc should be taken regularly, which includes vegetables and natural form of testosterone boosters.

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Is Testosterone an Effective Option?

Testosterone therapy is the last option that is provided to individuals who have stopped producing testosterone completely.

testosterone replacement therapy

They are the ones who are on the verge of having mental and physical challenges to which TRT can be helpful.

Age-related testosterone problems, however, require simple lifestyle alteration as mentioned above.

Because Testosterone Replacement Therapy is not a cheap option, one must stay with natural options.


These are the things which testosterone supports throughout your life

  • Development of sex organs
  • Libido generation
  • Sperm production
  • Distribution of body fat
  • Creates muscle mass
  • Make RBC and Generate Nitric Oxide

Some supplements claim to support the natural flow of testosterone, which should only be trusted if they are from the most reputable sources.

Boosting testosterone through supplements could be your option but bringing some potential lifestyle changes will extract greater benefits.