How Important is Magnesium For Testosterone

Your body is likely to function smoothly if you possess an adequate level of testosterone.

But things change when you step ahead to a more progressive age or pay less attention to foods you are feeding yourself with.

Magnesium testosterone connection

Thankfully, testosterone boosters prevail to address the concern in a very smart manner.

Yet, it isn’t a surprise for men to fall prey of fake, synthetic and substandard T- boosters that claim to be the best one can have.

Now choosing a right product for yourself is no big deal particularly, if we talk about the purchase of a testosterone booster.

The Ingredients You Must Look For

If you are up for the purchase of a testosterone booster and are confused about which one to pick, remember one key rule.

A T-booster is likely to serve you in the best possible manner if it owns a very critical ingredient called magnesium.

Now magnesium itself is a very essential mineral that is all surrounded by health benefits for us.

To count a few, the mineral aids in the formation and general health of bone, better absorption of calcium, lowering the risk of diabetes, fortifying muscles and the list goes on.

And so, an insufficiency of magnesium in the body leads to several health problems and surprisingly, a decline in testosterone is one such.

Experts believe that magnesium- the micronutrient and testosterone has a strong connection in between.

A drop in the former causes a drop in the latter thereby, it is highly essential for one to take care good care of magnesium so that he can reap all the good that comes from a healthy growth of testosterone.

Unfortunately, the diet we take today or perhaps, survive on, lack the adequate quantity of several essential macro and micro nutrients required for our healthy functioning.

Interestingly, the high demand of nutritional supplements today is the testimony of it.

The Positive Change Magnesium Can Bring in Your Testosterone Levels

When we take a diet high in carbs and poor in nutritional value, we suffer in many ways apart from the increase in weight.

Of course, carbs and fats are very essential, but anything in excess is dangerous specifically when other important nutrients are ignored.

For example, if we talk about the decline in testosterone, we said that it occurs when the level of magnesium drops.

Basically, the hormone binds to the mineral which enables it keep its powers intact.

In other case, when the body lacks magnesium, it is made to bind with the sex hormone binding globulin that becomes heavily prevalent when the body falls short of protein.

This ceases all the powers testosterone boasts and becomes useless for you.

It is thereby, experts have always emphasized the significance of eating healthy and choosing the right foods for your plate.

Is Poor Testosterone a Serious Affair?

The significance of testosterone is better understood when the body begins to develop changes unusual for you.

While these changes may not be very extreme in nature, their occurrence is sure to upset you.

For example:

  • Increasing body fat and unresponsiveness to weight loss methods.
  • Decrease in muscle mass- failure to add on muscles.
  • Weak bones.
  • Poor sex drive.
  • Poor strength and more fatigue.

What Research Proved About the Connection Between Magnesium and Testosterone?

We are more likely to believe on things that are testified by research.

In this case, several studies have been performed by far that have resulted positive and showed a clear cut connection between the two.

For example, a study took a group of 30 young men, few of which were leading an active lifestyle whereas others were somewhat inactive.

The group was daily supplemented with 10mg/kg magnesium for a period of one month.

The end result literally surprised the observers as they observed a drastic proliferation in the sample’s testosterone levels.

This authenticated the contribution of magnesium in the intensification of testosterone level.

Hence, we can say that the mineral aid people who follow athletic trainings and people who live a normal routine life with testosterone- equally!